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Doppio Passo 
Riserva Primitivo di Manduria DOC

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Doppio Passo 
Appassimento Primitivo Puglia IGT

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Primitivo di Manduria DOC

Our Riserva owes its rich aroma to the grapes being picked at two different times during the harvest: first when the grapes are fully ripe, and second at a later time. This leads to an incredible fullness, intensity and character. The wine obtained is then aged for 24 months, at least 9 of which in wooden barrels. This produces intense ruby-red colouring and a smooth, rich fruity bouquet with blackberry and cherry notes.

Appellation: Manduria DOC 
Varietal: Primitivo
Serving temperature 16 – 18 °C
Alcohol content: 14,5 % vol.
Contents: 0,75l  


MUNDUSvini (Spring Tasting): 86 points 2017 vintage

Pairs perfectly with red meats, savory finger foods and strong cheeses.

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Primitivo Puglia IGT

The Doppio Passo Appassimento is a “vino passito” as it is called in Italy. It is made by leaving the grapes to dry in a controlled manner for some time after the harvest. This concentrates their aroma, their sweetness, their structure and most of all their intensity resulting in an extraordinarily smooth and rich wine with notes of ripe red berries and hints of herbs and spices.

Appellation: Puglia IGT
Varietal: Primitivo
Serving temperature 18 – 20 °C
Alcohol content: 14,5 % vol.
Contents: 0,75l  

Pairs perfectly with fine desserts, pastries and chocolate, as well as mature cheeses.

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