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Doppio Passo

La Dolce Vita

Doppio Passo is the epitome of La Dolce Vita – the Italian way of life. 

Being Italian means much more than just belonging to a certain nationality. It’s a way of thinking, living, eating, creating, drinking – in short, of being.

It’s all about living well and celebrating life in all its aspects: taking time for good food and drink, spending time with family and friends and appreciating the beauty of all things surrounding us.

Daily life can be stressful and hectic, but as an Italian, you always see the good side of life, as well. And that’s what Doppio Passo embodies: enjoying life and everything it has to offer.


The region of Apulia is among the world’s oldest wine-growing regions and in part it owes its fame to the aromatic Primitivo grape.
Elegant, intense, fruity and ripened in the Apulian sun, these grapes are the core of the Doppio Passo Primitivo and of its success story.

The secret to its impressively intense, full flavor is that the grapes are harvested in two steps – one part when they are fully ripe and the second part in a later harvest. This results in a smooth, full and extraordinarily full-bodied wine with aromas of blackberry, cherry and wild berries.

The popularity of our Primitivo, which is perfect for any occasion, inspired us to create other wines that are just as versatile and suitable for different occasions.

Today, the Doppio Passo wines – be it the White, Rosé or our Prosecco – can make any occasion a perfect one, day or night, summer or winter, paired with a meal or on their own.

All wines come from the regions where their distinctive grapes grow best:

While the Doppio Passo Primitivo comes from the heart of Apulia, the Doppio Passo Grillo is made from Grillo grapes, which grow in Sicily’s Mediterranean climate and our Prosecco grapes are harvested in the region of Asolo, Veneto.


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